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Nabishi Push To Talk System

A Global Secure Push-To-Talk (PTT) System for instant communications

• A Global communication system, works anywhere in the world
Available on Nokia (Symbian) and Android platform
• Instant voice call, just like a two-way radio system
• Call one-to-one or one-to-many users in your prescribed group
• Instant push-of-a-button operation
• PTT system runs transparently in the background, the phone continues to function normally
• Instant voice call, no dial up
• 256-bit AES Encryption security
• Client software for PC for administration of large number of users
• Integrated GPS (Global Positioning System) with Google Maps interface
• No call costs
• Uses (GSM) 3G, GPRS, Edge or WiFi
• Call to or from anywhere in the world
• Works seamlessly across borders and across service providers

Secure Push-To-Talk (PTT) System

Our Global PTT system is just like a two-way radio network, at a Push of a button you can instantly call and talk to one or everybody in your group, at no cost, anywhere in the world.

This system is now available on the Nokia (Symbian) and the new Android 2 platforms.

For security and privacy we have encrypted your calls to ensure your total privacy and has an integrated GPS system for user or vehicle tracking, using Google Maps.

Designed for fast communications for the Police, Security, Government, Hospitals Transport and Public Utilities. The system can be full customised to meet your exact needs.

To eliminate any guesswork, the system displays, in real-time, who is online thus avoiding continuous calling to establish contact.

The Secure PTT system works seamlessly over any GSM network in the world using the 3G, GPRS, EDGE and when at home or in the office, it automatically disconnects from the 3G network and seamlessly connects to your WiFi thus saving on mobile phone data usage. Call us today for a free trail.

How it works
Push-To-Talk (PTT) is like turning your mobile into a walkie-talkie but with a global world-wide range. Instead of transmitting/receiving radio frequencies, Push-To-Talk uses either WiFi 3G, GPRS or EDGE data connection on your mobile phone to send and receive calls in encrypted mode using VOIP technology.

GPS Tracking

GPS Vehicle or User Tracking System

Our PTT System has an integrated and encrypted GPS for real-time tracking vehicles or users from anywhere in the world.

Our PTT System comes complete with vehicle/user tracking system. Nokia phones with built-in GPS are able to send their location information direct to a PC which has Google Maps installed.

This free service will allow all your users locations (from anywhere in the world) to be displayed onto Google Maps. Now there is no need to buy expensive vehicle tracking systems when you can have ours as a part of the PTT System.

*Google Maps is a free software from

Outstanding Features

The three outstanding features of our Secure PTT System!

We have set the standards that others find hard to match.

Motorola Performance Charts

Sound Quality – This is an outstanding feature of in our Secure PTT system, and one of the main reasons why our software is so successful. Without good sound quality, most users switch-off the encryption and communicate in an unsecure mode therefore by-passing security and allowing anyone to listen into their over the air conversations.

Performance & reliability – The performance of our Secure PTT system is superb. The software works perfectly, transparently and reliably.

Synchronisation Speed – another main feature of our Secure PTT system is the very fast synchronisation speed which if the phones fail to synchronise quickly, will result in broken, slow and un-audible communications.

Compression Techniques – This is the heart of our Secure PTT system and another main reasons for the success of our software. With over 18 years experience in compression techniques, we have so perfected the art that this creates the superb performance which our Secure PTT system has become famous for, world-wide.



Push-To-Talk (PTT)
Voice communication at the push of a button. Communicate privately on a one-to-one basis, or have a discussion with the whole team on an instant conference call in clear digital clarity.

Data Usage
Most service providers allow a capped data allowance as a part of your monthly usage but you will have to check with your mobile operator which data package you currently have with them. During the encryption process we have comPushed the data needed for voice to only 1kbps, so data is only used when you’re speaking but not for any elapsed time during a conversation. We estimate an average of 20Mb is required per month. Wifi usage is not charged by the Cellular network so its use is normally free.

Push-To-Talk PC / Mobile Integration
Unlike an RF system, office-based staff can now directly support and manage field staff through their PC, rather than a Push-To-Talk (PTT) mobile phone.

Range of Mobile Handsets
The Push-To-Talk System is currently available on a number of Nokia handsets to suit different budget and functionality requirements. New handsets are constantly being added to the list that will support our Push-To-Talk system. Other makes of GSM handsets will also be added shortly including Google Android, Blackberry and HTC.

GSM Wide Network Coverage
The Push-To-Talk (PTT) service is available in the UK on all GSM networks including T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone and Orange networks.

World-wide Coverage
Calls can be made between Push-To-Talk mobile phones almost anywhere in the world.




Reduced Costs
No extra handsets required: Staff can use a standard GSM mobile handset as both a phone and a Push-To-Talk (PTT) walkie-talkie.

Better control
Organisations can provide Push-To-Talk (PTT) mobile phones to all staff – even temporary staff – safe in the knowledge that the phones cannot be abused to make non work related phone calls. Phones can be configured for data-only use so that Push-To-Talk will continue to work but users are either unable to, or only make restricted GSM phone calls.

NO call charges
Push-To-Talk (PTT) System works by sending IP packets over the 3G, GPRS or EDGE Data network rather than setting up a traditional voice phone call. As you are not making a traditional voice call, there are NO charges!

Better productivity
Push-To-Talk (PTT) System allows groups of workers to keep in constant touch with the team, even if dispersed around the country or around the world. Push-To-Talk (PTT) phones can be also fitted with earpieces with PTT buttons – this allows calls to be made (safely while driving) and received without touching the phone.

As backup to an existing radio network
Many organisations, particularly the emergency services, depend heavily on their radio communication systems to co-ordinate staff. Because Push-To-Talk (PTT) uses the GSM network, it is ideal as an alternative high availability service in the event of the primary radio network failing.


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